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Includes HGS Data, Repair & Technical Support worth £478.00 FREE for the 1st year! Excluding Oscilloscope Module MT66


New design, new technology and a brand new repair concept. Welcome to the new mega macs 66.

Use the new intuitive and foolproof touchscreen interface to run all the diagnostics, work steps, readings and data comparisons you need in real-time. No more searching, no more guessing and no more unnecessary time-wasting.

A quick and professional solution to help even workshop experts through the trickiest repair situations. Leaving you with so much more; more time, more money and more happy customers.

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mega macs 66: the first diagnostics system with a real-time repair concept

Hella Gutmann will be presenting the innovative mega macs 66 at the Automechanika in Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 19 September: a product that sets new standards for vehicle diagnostics. A clear product design with a touch-screen and wireless communication are just the external characteristics of this new top-rate device. This modern, high-tech instrument provides the user with every conceivable measurement and diagnostics service module, as well as rapid parts identification via a single user interface. mega macs 66 is not just a diagnostics tester, but an interface for real-time support when carrying out repair work - thus leading the way for future vehicle repair concepts.


The user is guided through the mass of vehicle systems to arrive at the desired objective via the shortest possible route. To do this, mega macs 66 extracts data and information from the vehicle control units and retrieves information online via HGS databases with links to Tec-Doc based part catalogues, for example.


Guided diagnostics with interactive circuit diagrams

Once the vehicle error codes have been read using mega macs 66 and the supplementary 'Repair Plus' component, the cause analysis itself proceeds noticeably more quickly than usual. For each of the error codes read, the possible causes are sorted in order of statistical probability and detailed repair suggestions are given for the three most probable causes of the fault. This saves valuable time as the user would previously have had to sort through all of the error codes stored by the vehicle.


Time is also saved by the choice to select the vehicle by the Vehicle Identification Code and automatically assigning labels to component and layout diagrams or circuit diagrams. And the best thing: both the current vehicle parameters and the target values stored in the control units appear next to the components in the circuit diagram. Deviating values or even a completely absent signal can be identified at a glance. Clicking on each of the components in question opens another window with diagrams, component descriptions and repair suggestions that even include the correct replacement part number. Within a fraction of a second, the user can see exactly which component is at fault and the associated cause of error. If there is a likelihood of mechanical damage to the engine, the new 'digital compression test' enables an initial assessment to be made in just a few steps.


If the user remains unsuccessful despite being guided by 'Repair Plus', the component 'Repair Plus Flat' provides further assistance. Clicking ‘Help’ on the touch-screen enables users to request the assistance of a Hella Gutmann specialist. This automatically sends the vehicle-specific data from the diagnostics buffer in mega macs to the HGS server. An expert from the technical call centre then helps the user achieve the desired outcome over the phone or by providing a written repair suggestion.


Expansion through plug-in hardware modules

The modular construction of mega macs 66 enables tailored, future-proof service modules to be added at any time. These units, for example a first-rate oscilloscope, or the diagnostics modules required for electronic vehicles in the future are easily inserted into three slots on the front of the device. In accordance with the Gutmann tradition, workshops will be well equipped for the coming decade with mega macs 66.


The standard version of mega macs 66 includes a module for communicating with the vehicle. Although this can be removed from the device and connected to the vehicle directly, it also enables mega macs and the vehicle systems to communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth. Additional Bluetooth interfaces are integrated into the device for communicating with the workshop’s PC and for wireless connection to the Internet.


Diagnostics specialists who want to use more than just the intelligent system diagnostics guidance with codings, basic settings, service resetting, parameter representations and actuator tests can connect a high-quality 2-channel oscilloscope module to one of the ports. This is one of the best digital oscilloscopes available on the market. Features include a dedicated processor and galvanically separated channels, natural prerequisites for a crystal-clear image from the fastest CAN BUS systems. Of course, the oscilloscope can also be used slowly...

As with all other Hella Gutmann devices, mega macs 66 will be available in attractive HGS Plus packages so as not to tie down capital. The basic package contains mega macs 66 and all software updates. Users wishing to upgrade mega macs 66 using the comprehensive range of available services can do so with the same costing certainty using HGS Plus components - Call Plus, Data Plus, Repair Plus, Repair Plus Flat, Training Plus and Garantie Plus.


Real-time repair concept

    • You'll love the compact and robust new generation tester, with its intuitive and foolproof touchscreen interface and familiar and easy menu navigation.


    • mega macs 66 gives workshop professionals direct access to one of the world's largest diagnostics databases.


    • mega macs 66 is the first tester ever to deliver real-time error code-based repair solutions. The large display shows the most common vehicle-specific causes, repair solutions and background information related to all possible error codes. Together with the interactive colour diagram circuit diagrams, mega macs 66 is the first real-time repair concept in the world.


    • The digital compression readings give instant information on the engine's mechanical state, saving you valuable time.


    • Interactive circuit diagrams provide valuable information. One click on the easy-view graphics gives you all the important parameters of the component, for example, in real-time. This makes every repair job more reliable and faster.


    • mega macs 66 is future-proof: Extra hardware add-ins ensure that existing functions are easily available on the main device in the future.


    • mega macs 66 clearly identifies vehicles via their VIN code and can provide concrete advice on the location of diagnostic connections, component and all the working steps you need.


    • Any output error logs and completed work are archived in the Car History feature. So you can track the car's history, keep customers on file or forward them to Hella Gutmann's Technical Call Centre for instant help when you need it.


  • Direct links to the replacement parts list significantly reduce order times for parts and accessories. VIN code identification prevents incorrect or duplicated orders.


Service overview*

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Hardware add-ins for upgrades
  • Read and delete error codes for all ECUs
  • Detailed error code explanations
  • Real-time repair support based on error codes and vehicles
  • Actuator testing
  • Parameter view and explanation of up to 16 parameters at the same time
  • Interactive colour circuit diagrams with real-time actual values and parameter view
  • Diagnosis of all components with instructions on the correct measuring terminal
  • 2-channel oscilloscope with a reading range of 10 µs - 200 s
  • Inspection plans
  • Error search diagrams
  • Automatic evaluation of signal readings
  • Engine and interior images with component locations
  • Save the car's entire log with the Car History function
  • Direct links to the parts lists for accessories and replacement parts
  • Air macs base for wireless communication with your PC

*depending on the features and licence package (HGS Plus)

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